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The Playstation 3 hacking challenge is over!

Click here to see the original site, announcing the contest.

Sorry, nobody managed to hack into the PS3, despite tremendous efforts. Now, the good news is that Kaede gets to keep her Playstation 3:
Kaede keeps her PS3
You can also get an overview of what the candidates were attempting in this discussion thread in the ACBM forum (don't worry, you can post in english), you can still post your impressions about the contest.

IMPORTANT - added on January, 2nd 2007

Obviously, this contest did not meet with its winner, but instead of getting the PS3 out of its rack immediately after the end of the challenge, I propose to interested people to make them a shell user account for one more month, for a nominal fee of 20.00 USD. If you are interested, just click on the Paypal button below to send me this amount, and I will send you your username and password as soon as the contest is over.

You can also contact Shimpinomori.NET (mail at the end of the page) if you are interested by the attack logs.