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Own this Playstation 3 and earn it!

Hack the PS3 this site is running on, and you will earn:
  • The PS3 with all its default accessories
    (note: the hard disk was replaced with a 160 GB hard disk!),
  • an HDMI cable,
  • Linux (Fedora core 5 PPC + PS3 add-on) preinstalled, of course,
  • The game "Resistance - the fall of Man".


You must do a "clean" hacking job : no DOS, no "dirty" attack which saturate the internet tubes. Moreover, do not attack other machines located in the same subnetwork.

In order to provide evidence of your success, you will have to replace the image below:
Kaede and her PS3
with the JPEG image located in the root user's home directory, inside the "ps3_challenge" subfolder.
In addition you will have to announce your victory in this discussion thread in the ACBM forum (don't worry, you can post in english), at the same time you will have to send a mail to SHIMPINOMORI. (in case of ex-aequo, the winner will be the one whose mail to SHIMPNOMORI will have arrived first). You will also have to put a text file with you name and postal address in the root user's home directory, inside the "ps3_challenge" subfolder.

Once your victory is homologated, your Playstation 3 will be sent (free of charge) via EMS International to your postal address, during the month of january 2007.

You have until the beginning of january 2007. Good luck!

IMPORTANT - added on December, 25th 2006

Apparently, it seems unlikely that this contest has a winner by the end of this year, but instead of getting the PS3 out of its rack immediately after the end of the challenge, I propose to interested people to make them a shell user account for one more month, for a nominal fee of 20.00 USD. If you are interested, just click on the Paypal button below to send me this amount, and I will send you your username and password as soon as the contest is over.